Len Doens
From dreamjob to dreamjob in Music, Media, Entertainment and Transformation.


Len Doens

For about 30 years I have been active in entertainment, music, pr, sales, media, marketing and transformation. I’ve been A&R Manager, Music Publisher, Music Director, Program Director, TV Producer, DJ, Rock Journalist, Documentary Maker, Podcaster, Speaker, Published Author, morning radio DJ, Founder, Sales Manager, Marketeer, Head of Music, Podcast Manager,…

Blessed with many dreamjobs!

Korte Bio

Len Doens – or Branson – is not your regular teacher or guru:-)…. Far from that even!

When you ask him a question, he will not answer with an answer but maybe with a question or some cool inspirational stuff. He firmly believes that nobody is wiser than you, when the matter is you. If and when he’s tempted to advise, he always and never forgets to add to his answer that he’s only offering the best information for himself, with the wish that it inspires another. About twelve years ago Branson (nope, he’s not related btw) decided to become a millionaire at forty. He intended to be filthy rich after being laid-off from his job as a Program Director for the Belgian and Dutch MTV (The Music Factory). Having been forced to rethink and relaunch his career was a true blessing in disguise he found out in the process. And of course he didn’t quite know at the time that the real riches would come from within. In the beginning of 2009, Branson woke up in the middle of the night with the idea to formulate a European answer to the personal growth phenomenon The Secret. He decided to test the Law of Attraction, which is described in this worldwide best-selling book and movie.

​His dream became reality from the early thought in February to the actual thing on 09/09/09. With a small TV crew Len left on a roadtrip for nine days to an old monastery in Andalusia, Spain. Along with nine wise men and nine witnesses from Holland and Belgium to be part of the beginning of the biggest spiritual experiment ever: Superwise ME! – Law of the Heart. On that magical day for his 40th birthday, he very strongly realized he indeed had become a millionaire. He had traveled the world, produced dream-after-dream, learned from the best teachers around and crossed paths with the likes of Michael Beckwith, Neale Donald Walsch, Richard Branson, the Dalai Lama, Marie Diamond, Stephen Covey, Vishen Lakhiani, Sean Stephenson and so on. He had discovered the path to the real riches, not the fake bank-account-dollar-joy, nor the instant-Ferrari-happiness. His wish to be super-rich at forty was granted. He became and still is an i​nner-millionair​e practicing what he teaches and walking his talk.



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